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Editor's pick: A Gift of Peace!

"Michal, dear one I send you love and gratitude daily as I use your CDs for yoga, visualization, relaxation. But I realize itís been too long since I told you how much your generosity and brilliance continue to enhance my life. In dealing with my physical challenges, your voice and guidance continue to nourish and help me more than anyone. You keep teaching me. Today, feeling stress over a particular situation, I used your 108 points of light/beads guidance to relax, and your final words left me with the stunningly simple realization that brought everything into the light: when I am irritated with someone, I have simply forgotten to love them! You are brilliant. You bring the light. I am grateful to have you and your wisdom in my life. With love"
--- Jennifer Wilke, Yoga student, writer

"Michal's voice is fluid and mesmerizing, yet clear and calming in a focusing way that takes me out of whatever chaos or noise my day has delivered. She takes me point by point to stillness and peace within myself and within my day... Michal's inherent gifts shine through and are shared with the listener. I recommend this to anyone who wants to slip out of daily distractions and give themselves the gift of stillness and inner peace."
--- Dawn Landau, Yoga student, Freelance writer

"My students were thrilled to be exposed to this wonderful meditation and they have shared it with their friends and family. Michal invites more peace into this troubled world and I support her efforts with heart and hand"
--- Stacey Williams, Yoga teacher, 17 years

A Guided Peaceful Meditation CD

Inspired by the Global Mala Movement for Peace
This CD lets you visit 108 points in your body in only 21 minutes and spreads
Clarity, Relaxation, and Peace throughout your entire being.

Yoga nidra is a unique form of guided meditation where the listener can safely engage a subtle shift in consciousness that takes your mind beyond your physical environment and into a realm of expansive possibilities. What you encounter there is an invitation.

I invite you to adorn your body with the mala garland of peace. Allow this visualization to link you effortlessly into the personal experience of expanded awareness. Highlighting your intrinsic connection to the whole substance of life, uniting you with the entire globe in a moment of beauty and peace.

An Invitation to Befriend and Inhabit your Body Peacefully:

  • The benefits of meditation are numerous, yet they compound with regular, consistent practice. This recording will help you create that daily routine.
  • Making the most of your time, the complete journey only takes 21 minutes!
  • By visiting 108 sacred and specific areas of your body, you will direct more circulation and energy, revitalizing and awakening healing.
  • Itís guided so that it effortlessly gets you into that deep relaxing state.
  • Makes a fantastic, conscious gift for people that you know would benefit from connecting to their inner world and seeing life from a broader more wholesome viewpoint.
  • Itís also a charitable contribution as this CD is a fundraising effort to support organizations that take peaceful action.
  • A truly powerful unifying prayer, allowing you to choose your own personal intention.

Click here to purchase the Global Mala Visualization CD, You can also choose to download the mp3 version.

"Michal's soothing voice and powerful imagery gently guided me into my causal body, where I felt expansive as the universe. I arose feeling a deep sense of peace." -Amy Robinson, Rebirthing Yoga and Doula Services

You Should Feel GREAT
About Using this Extraordinary CD

  • Reduce Stress by meeting the stillness beyond arguments
  • Connect with your inner body, to feel your aliveness
  • Create space for the mind to unwind and return to clarity
  • A practice to embody wellness and peace through conscious choice
  • Empowering and supporting who you really are

We all Know that
Peaceful Action Begins with a Peaceful Mind Set

What can I do for peace?
I start with creating a peaceful mind. A loving mind.
A mind that can see beauty beyond form and likeness beyond difference.
A mind that knows its own peace can do more for a peaceful world than any mind that goes to war for peace.
Doing peace for peace.

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Artist Background

Michal Retter, RYT, founder of Inner Composure Yoga, was born in the City of Jerusalem, an ancient and sacred site and yet the heart of religious and national conflict. She was raised in South Africa during the Apartheid, returning to Israel a questioning teenager. The two countries she called home were both warring nations. In her search for understanding, Michal was guided to Spiritual teachings and Yoga. Her journey brought her to Washington State were she attended a high discipline Spiritual school for 5 years. The realization that ďpeace begins within, in seeing that all people are divine and all of us familyĒ impressed itself firmly and set the course of a purposeful personal vision for peace and freedom. Being one of the facilitators of the Global Mala Event in Bellingham, WA 2007 and 2009 she was inspired to deliver a visualization that was aligned with her intent. This is it. All proceeds from these events went to both local and global non-profit organizations (Bridget Collins Family Support Center and Yoga Off The Mat, Into The World). This CD is also a fundraising effort to support organizations that take peaceful action. Enjoy it, Om Shanti.

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